Where are the Cards in Coin Master & How to Get Them?

Coin Master features a collectable card and village system. At any time, you can access a list of all the cards you have collected from the menu. These cards come in various sets with various themes, such as Halloween, Pets, Sweets, and more. But the question is how can we make such collections and Where Are The Cards in Coin Master?

The cards can be found in any of the game’s villages, so if you have reached a point where you are unable to find any new ones, it’s probably time to advance your search to a level or two. Please be aware that not every player will locate identical cards in the exact same locations. In this article, I will completely guide you about finding the cards in the game and collecting the rarest coins in a convenient manner.

How to Get Free Cards in The Game?

Players can collect free cards in a few different ways, so we compiled them all here for your convenience.

Get Free Cards in Coin Master

Card Exchange for Chests

There is a feature that is built into the game that allows you to trade 75 of your identical cards in exchange for a card chest if you are having trouble trading specific cards with the community. Although using this approach to build your library won’t fill it up as fast as trading with other members of the community will, it is still a valuable resource.

Use The Joker Card

Gold cards with five stars are the least common in the entire game, making them the hardest to obtain through normal means. So, you can use the Joker Cards to acquire these Gold cards. You can win the Joker card in the game by opening mystery chests or participating in certain special events. You can trade it in for any other card in the deck, including the golden ones, making it the most valuable card in the game.

Use The Joker Card

Purchase Card Chests

After spending all your money on improving your village, you might as well buy a couple of card chests with the rest. This is a fantastic method for acquiring additional cards, as Card’s chests are quite affordable.

Choose The Right Chests

In the game, you can find cards by opening chests; the basic chest types are golden, wooden, and magical, though there are also event-specific chests. Only these three chests are designed to hold cards, although the others can do so as well but are not really card chests. The following are the three methods for acquiring these three chests:

  • Buy Cards from the in-game shop with money or game coins.
  • Unlock a new Village.
  • Perform Raids.

Choose The Right Chests

Don’t Advance Too Quickly

When your present town is fully developed, your chances of receiving golden cards increase. Don’t rush to the next level until you have purchased some chests to store your gold once you have upgraded all of your structures to their maximum levels.

To make this possible, improve all the buildings aside from one, leaving it with just one upgrade remaining. Even if you close and reopen the game without choosing to continue, if you complete everything, the game will automatically transport you to the next village. 

The difference between gold cards and regular cards is that you will receive more spins and coins for finishing a collection using only gold cards.

Use Facebook Official Groups

If you are one of the people that began the game casually and advanced as much as you could simply to stay one step ahead of your besties, then you probably deal with the issue of having several card collections that just have one or two cards missing.

Because everyone has many copies of each repeating card, there is a good chance that you will have an extra copy of one that another player needs, and vice versa. Facebook communities, which consist of groups that allow for correspondence to take place, are one possibility that facilitates the search for game buddies.

What Are The Best Cards?

Because game cards are unlocked dependent on the player’s progression through the game, the game’s rarest cards are the ones that can only be obtained at the highest levels. On the other hand, each card has its own unique rarity ranking.

Best Coin Master Cards

Rarest Cards in The Game

  1. Barrel Tank.
  2. Farmer Feng.
  3. Torero.
  4. Martian Lettuce.

Rare Collectible Cards in The Game

  1. Mythical Tune.
  2. Smoking Pipe.
  3. Santa.
  4. Kettle.
  5. Aztec Princess.
  6. Hobby Horse.
  7. Satyr.
  8. Elder Elk.
  9. Creaky Crow.

How Many Cards Can I Send in Coin Master Every day?

A maximum of five Normal Cards can be traded in Master every day.

Can I exchange Gold Cards with my friend?

No, Gold cards cannot be exchanged in the game.

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