What Are Stars in The Coin Master Game?

If you are still wondering What are Stars for in the Coin Master game, I have got you covered. The number of stars you collect throughout your journey will determine your final ranking. As you make more progress in the game, you will unlock more stars accordingly. So, the more stars a player has, the higher they will be in the rankings.

Before the addition of the Cards for Chests function, the only use for the stars you earned in the game was to advance your position on the leaderboard. The individual who has the greatest amount of points is displayed at the highest position on the leaderboard. You can access the leaderboard in the game’s menu and compare your performance to that of your friends, people in your country, and other players worldwide.

Why Are Stars Required?

Your raids and attacks are unaffected by the stars you have earned. That is the primary criteria that will decide where you end up on the leaderboard.

In addition, the recent feature of Cards for Chests has changed the game. Now, if you desire a new chest, you will have to keep track of your star count. Stars are placed on each duplicate card and the requirement to exchange cards in a chest depends on the total star count on all duplicate cards.

Stars Required on Coin Master

How to Get Stars?

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get Stars, if you’re new to the game or just curious about all the numerous methods you can level up:

How to Get Stars in Coin Master

Build Your Village

In the game, expanding your village is a frequent strategy for gaining star power. You earn one star for every successfully constructed object and 25 stars for a new village. The term “improvement” refers to everything you do to make your town look better and more appealing to intended residents. Constructing objects for your village is a wonderful method to increase your star count and make your community better simultaneously.

Build Your Village

Upgrade Your Pets

You will gain a specific amount of stars equal to the level of the pet you are upgrading whenever you perform an upgrade on that pet. The higher the level of your pets’ upgrades, the more stars you can receive for each individual upgrade. 

In the game, pets are unique friends that can improve your odds of winning the slot machine’s Jackpot or increase your defensive skills.  Investing in your pet’s development is a fantastic method to boost your star count and your overall game success.

Collect New Cards

Acquiring new cards for your collection is the next option to increase your star count in the game. This is possible if you spend real money on the game and open chests that include sets of cards you can use to level up your collections and unlock in-game bonuses.

Collect New Cards

One star is the least amount of stars you may receive from a card, and five stars are the most. You can get rewards like spin multipliers, extra gold, and even the power to assault the communities of other players by gathering and finishing card sets.

Make More Friends

Taking a card from a buddy is the simplest strategy, so you should make plenty of friends in the game. Moreover, if you have a gold card trial, you can receive a gold card and up to five regular cards per day from a friend who has a normal card. 

What are the Benefits of Having Maximum Stars in The Game?

  • Having more stars in the game will boost your position in the leaderboard.
  • The more stars you have, the more missing cards you can get to complete your sets.
  • A team’s owner may establish a minimum star requirement for joining the squad. In order to join this team, you may need to achieve a certain level of stardom.
  • The number of stars you have represents your ranking in the game.

Benefits of having Maximum Stars in the Coin Master Game

Final Thoughts

Stars in the game are nothing more than a parameter that reflects your achievement, accomplishments, and ranking in this game. As you make progress in the gameplay, more stars are added to your profile. You can increase your stars by building your villages, clearing game levels, upgrading pets, and collecting new cards in the game. 

Is it possible to lose stars in Coin Master?

Yes, it is possible to lose stars if a village object is broken while it is being raided. If an assaulting player manages to score a hit on a village object, the item will lose a star as a result of the hit.

Why do stars matter in Coin Master?

You may access the main leaderboard in the game by collecting stars. The number of stars you possess in the game will determine where you rank on the leaderboard.

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