Know About Coin Master Game Features

Coin Master is one of the most popular social games right now. In this game, players have to build and lead villages. This game has many different aspects which make it enjoyable for players worldwide. It is developed by the renowned Moon Active Studio and is available for Android and iOS devices. In this article, I will discuss the Coin Master Game Features so you can understand the game in a convenient way.

It is important to note that the game itself makes clear that it involves elements of simulated gambling. That’s why it is not recommended for kids and if you are vulnerable to addiction to similar things, you should avoid playing. In this game, you have to develop strong self-defence skills, gather all the rewards, and possess quick progressing abilities in order to have a good village. 

This all can be achieved by playing a virtual slot machine, which will grant you rewards like coins, shields, and usable weapons. The characters in this game will take you back to medieval times to become the best Vikings, hippies, kings, warriors, pirates, and a variety of other historical figures. Let’s discuss the salient features of this most famous casino mobile game.

Features of Coin Master Game


Playing the slot machine in this game will help you in earning coins. The primary objective of the game is to build and improve your village, which you can do with the help of these coins. You can build and update your villages by upgrading the constructions until they reach a total of five stars, with each upgrade costing more money as compared to the previous one. 


The best feature is that every village is located on a different map, which greatly increases the game’s interactivity and enjoyment. Moreover, you can also raid and attack the villages of other players using the rewards you receive via slot machine in order to gain more coins, which you can use to continually upgrade your own villages.


Pets are your gaming companions on this journey to victory and mastery in the game. Pets assist players in a number of game-related aspects, such as raising the prize for an attack or raid, assisting in the defence of your village against attacks, and improving the profitability of the village’s passage. You will be allowed to keep pets at the 4th level of this game. 


Cards Trading

In this game, players must collect various sets of cards of different themes. There are nine cards in each set and after completing each set you will get plenty of rewards. However, you will be eligible for collecting cards in the game after unlocking the third village. You can also send and trade cards with friends which will help you finish your collections much more quickly. 

Cards Trading


Chests in this game are objects that contain all cards. They are available in three levels: magic, gold, and wood. Each wooden chest includes a total of two cards from the gold and magic category. There are numerous ways to acquire chests like you can find them while raiding the villages. You can also get chests by unlocking the villages and performing other game tasks. Moreover, the players have the opportunity to buy chests against real money from the game store.



The game provides a variety of events that allow players to quickly collect a variety of rewards. They are especially beneficial for those who want to spend no money at all or as little money as possible. You will be able to find events in this game very often and you can get a large number of benefits through them.

There are some events that will grant you numerous discounts to set up and update your village, others will reward you with numerous coins, and even some events can also grant you up to a thousand free spins.

Social Media

The game allows players to link their Facebook accounts and invite their friends to play this game online with them. Additionally, you have the choice to keep playing it as a guest without logging into social media. However, connecting your Facebook account with this game provides you with the opportunity to enjoy additional rewards. In addition, you can also exchange your game rewards with your friends which is quite beneficial for you.

How many free spins can I get in a Coin Master game?

You can get only one free spin after every 48 hours in this game.

How many cards can I receive in a day in the Coin Master game?

In this game, you can get a maximum of five cards in a day.

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