Coin Master Joker Cards (Get Golden & Joker Cards)

Coin Master Joker Card is an incredible reward that players can obtain through participation in events or by opening mystery boxes. You have the ability to turn it into any card you want, including a golden card.

Hence, if you are playing the game and you are unable to get a Golden Card, you do not need to be concerned about this as long as you have a Joker Card since you can use it to complete your set of cards.

As the title shows, today’s topic is one of the most famous games in the World “Coin Master Game & Joker Cards“. It is an Israeli game created by the Moon Active Studio. As you know, it is a single-play, casual, and free game. You can earn real money from this app.

It is one of the highest-paying apps in the world, with a 4 out of 5 rating and more than 100 million downloads. It is becoming popular because of its Reward Systems. It has launched millions of Reward Cards in the past few years. One of the rarest rewards is Joker Card.  You can earn joker cards by participating in some events and mysterious tasks. You can transfer your Joker Cards into any valuable card, such as Golden Cards. Each Joker Card has an expiry date mentioned on it. You have to redeem your joker card before its expiry date. Otherwise, it will be useless for you.

In the App, you can earn Free Reward Cards by spinning the wheel or extending the period of your adventure games. It has many in-game links. You can join these links to get more than 100 spins every day. You will earn extra coins and cards by spinning the wheel daily.

How Can I Get a Joker Card in Coin Master?

Players can acquire a Joker Card in the game through reward Chests and through the completion of special events.


When it comes to the Chests, one out of every twenty chests will have a Joker Card inside of it. Joker Cards are extremely hard to obtain from any sort of Chest, although the chances increase with higher-value Chests. Don’t stress out if you don’t acquire a Joker Card every time you open a chest; just think of it as a stroke of luck.


This card can be collected from the Joker Crate, which is available at numerous game’s events. 


Joker events are special rounds in tournaments. Participating in this tournament will get you a joker card. A Joker card is available to the player who finishes first and remains in the first position during the entire tournament. All of the tournament events listed below provide the opportunity to acquire Joker cards.

  • Basket Blast Tournament Event
  • Mystery tournament Event
  • Rose tournament Event
  • Diamond tournament Event

What is the Main Purpose of the Joker Card?

The joker card is not normally included in a deck, but it can be used to represent any other card in the deck. Because it’s so difficult to find a full set of cards without the Joker, its value is higher. 

Similar to the Joker card, gold cards are extremely rare and so desired by players. Sometimes players got stuck in the game as they cannot obtain a gold card even after trying very hard. In this situation, if they had a Joker Card, they can transform it into a Golden Card and complete their set of cards without any hassle.

How to Use a Joker Card?

After winning a Joker Card, you can find it in the “Cards” section and use it in the following way:

  1. First of all, click the Card icon located on the bottom left side of the screen.
  2. Joker Card can be changed into any other card you want. You just have to select a card you want in return for a Joker card.
  3. After that, hit the button that says “I’ll take it”.
  4. Now, activate the transformation by confirming the card you chose.
  5. The Joker card will be changed into the one you choose.

What is the Expiry Date of Joker Card?

The Joker card has a validity period of one day. So, you have twenty-four hours to play the Joker card before it expires. It’s a waste of a Joker card if you don’t play it within 24 hours. So, be cautious and always use the Joker card to get your preferred card as soon as possible. Otherwise, your Joker Card will be discarded automatically.

Transform the Joker Cards into the Golden Cards

In this game, you have to collect a specific number or sets of cards to get a Golden Card. If you have played this game before, then you may know the importance of the Golden Card in this game. Your main goal is to collect golden cards that can be possible only when you have a specific number of Joker Cards.

Transform the Joker Cards into the Golden Cards

Steps to Get Joker Cards

Players can get Joker Cards by taking part in several events and reward games. Participants have to play the game daily. In this way, they can get chances to participate in new events and spins. Try to get extra spins because the number of spins will increase the number of coins. You can spend your coins to get Joker Cards.

Get Joker Cards in the Coin Master

Why is it Necessary to have a Joker Card?

A Joker card is a shortcut for getting Golden Cards. In the game, the most difficult and time-consuming task is to obtain a Golden Card. You can not get a Golden Card without a Joker Card. For example, you collect a set of specific rewards cards and only one card is left. You can add the Joker Card instead of that missing card. After getting a complete set of cards, you can transform them into a real Golden Card.

Is the Joker Card Permanent or Not?

No, Each Joker Card has an expiry date mentioned on it. You have to use your Joker Card before its validity period. 


In the game, the Joker Card is the most desired and precious card because it can be changed into any card that the player wants. If a player needs a golden card to complete his or her set of cards in the game, it might be upsetting because golden cards are extremely difficult to obtain. So, the players can take part in events and win a Joker card in the game or they can also win it through various reward chests. After getting a Joker Card, they can transform it into a Golden Card without any issues.

Can I have a limited number of Joker Cards in Coin Master?

In this game, there is no restriction on how many Joker Cards you can own. You can always be picking them up through chests, card packs, and events.

Do I need to pay coins in the Coin Master game to receive a Joker Card?

No, Joker cards cannot be bought with cash; instead, they are obtained from chests randomly.

Is it possible to swap Joker Cards in Coin Master?

No, Joker cards cannot be traded in the game.

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