Coin Master Game Tips and Tricks

The mobile version of Coin Master is among the most exciting games available. This social casino competition has caused a sensation among players everywhere. You may be unfamiliar with the game and be wondering what it requires and how you may succeed at it. So, I have compiled the Coin Master Game Tips and Tricks in order to assist new and existing players.

About The Game

One of the best things about playing this game on your mobile device is that it is extremely addictive and it makes you want to play even when you are not actually playing it. It was published over a decade ago, but with creative marketing, solid financials, star power, and regular press coverage, it’s still going strong.

About Coin Master

It captures the attention of the audience by presenting it with an environment simulating a village, where the player must unlock certain objects before moving on to the subsequent level. New environments come with fresh tasks to complete and content to discover. It is quite interesting, and it will keep you engaged in the game for hours.

Tips and Tricks

Using these methods, you can acquire rare and golden cards, free spins, coins, and pet food. Let’s get started without any delay.

Get Maximum Spins

The easiest way to acquire badges and increase your winnings by a factor of 50 is to spin the wheel. Every hour, players can take advantage of five spins for a variety of rewards. Moreover, you can also get maximum spins in the game through the following ways:

  1. If you invite a friend to the game via Facebook and they successfully sign up for the game, you will receive 40 free spins in the game, which is a significant amount.
  2. You can receive up to one free spin each day from each of your friends, for a total of up to one hundred free spins that you can receive from your friends each day.
  3. If you watch one of game’s video advertisements per day, you can get a certain amount of free spins to use on the game.
  4. Spins are a common prize at tournaments and events. So, you can increase your chances of success by playing more.
  5. Certain balloons have the ability to activate spins when they are active. Before they fly away, quickly pop them for free spins.

Get Maximum Spins

Daily Login for Bonuses

This Game is similar to many other games and programs in that signing in on a daily basis can result in the collection of awards and perks. At the later stages of the game, not only will you be able to earn additional money and spins from your friends, but you will also be able to unlock a daily bonus.

Daily Login for Bonuses

Develop Relationships on Social Media

Building connections on social media is a crucial game’s strategy that you shouldn’t ignore. In addition to the fact that the game is linked to Facebook, linking your social account to other platforms might produce fruitful results in the form of new connections and relationships.

If you have a large number of friends on Facebook, you may invite all of them to play the game with you. This will help you with getting more spins and rewards. The inviting procedure has also been simplified by the game, and you will receive referral incentives as soon as the invited user downloads the game app using the referral link that you provided to them. You will receive 25 additional free spins for each successful referral you make.

Develop Relationships on Social Media

Don’t Hold Your Gold

Storing gold isn’t the best strategy in the game. The more gold a village has, the more vulnerable it is to robbery and attack. You should use gold to buy upgrades instead of holding it. 

Take Care of Pets

You will receive a temporary boost to your abilities equal to the amount of time that you spend feeding your pet. If you want to get the most out of the experience, play for a longer period of time and then feed the pet. Once you have made it to the fourth village, the game will give you the ability to create some pets. These creatures will each have their own unique benefits, but you must remember that you can only have a single active pet at any given moment.

Collect Cards

With the exception of the gold card, one can send a friend five cards in one day and receive five more from him. To obtain more cards, you must share the link with your friend. You can also obtain Cards by opening chests, which can be purchased with Coins and then used to gain access to other rewards. There are many different Card Collections, each based on a different topic, and each Collection has nine cards in it. As you complete a Collection by acquiring all nine Cards, you unlock special benefits, such as a flood of spins money and even Pets.

Can I get more than five cards in a single day in the Coin Master game?

No, it is not possible to get more than five cards in a single day unless you manually change the date on your mobile phone.

What does it mean to play as a guest in the Coin Master game?

If you don't want to use your Facebook account to play the game, you can "play as a guest."

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